Our company strives to develop award winning communities that re-define city skylines and sub-urban life through the construction of innovative designs, comfort and technology.  From initial concept to the final execution of any size project, you can rely on Custom Group for cost-effective and innovative construction services. We continually utilize value engineering techniques to reduce costs without giving up design intent for quality and safety.  From individual site build outs to large-scale ground up construction projects.

Custom Group has a proven track record in the Real Estate Industry, providing its customer base the necessary expertise and resources to guarantee a successful return on all their development investments.


Value Added Solutions

Comprehensive Management and Engineering Services

Affordable Cost Structure

Vast Industry Experience

Extensive Local Market Knowledge

Results, Results, Results

 Strong Returns on Investments






Comprehensive Local Market Knowledge:

Overcoming the political challenges involved in learning the existing legislation for project implementation

Industry and key stakeholder engagement

Strategic local partnerships to guarantee successful project delivery

Comprehensive knowledge of the current economic, demographic and political environment in Puerto Rico

Specialized Resources:

Identifying and allocating the correct resources (human and financial) in Puerto Rico

Regulatory Environment Knowledge and Assistance

Strong Financial Capabilities

Rigorous Reporting Structure

Key suppliers and/or consultants with necessary guidance and proper tools to make sound decisions

Puerta del Mar

Mansiones de Juncos