Custom Group is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating successful partnerships with them throughout the process. Our commitment is to provide cost efficient services that complements our clients’ operations by providing the necessary tools, resources and knowledge that will guarantee an on-time/on-budget/on-quality delivery of their projects so that they can concentrate on their core business and accelerate the return on their investments.

Custom’s process is based on the PMBOK® Guide, a subset of the Project Management Body of Knowledge that is generally recognized as good practice. The process accounts for ten Knowledge Areas with defined processes that guarantees a successful project delivery, all delivered by our certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

Custom’s Program & Project Management Process

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stakeholder Management

When offering construction management, Custom offers its clients a centralized organizational structure capable of coordinating, monitoring, and contracting all areas of their construction project based on their needs. Our structure allows us to effectively function as Project Managers (PMs) that shall serve as the Owner’s principal agent in providing a serious of specialized services. However, in construction projects all the processes managed with the PMP Methodology presented above are executed in three (3) main phases defined as follows: i) Pre-Construction, ii) Contractor Bidding and Awarding, iii) Construction and Close-out.

Phase I

Pre Construction/Site Selection/Design Phase
  • Site Selection & Acquisition
  • RFP Preparation
  • Bid Opening and Recommendations
  • Construction Management Plan
  • Project and Construction Budget
  • Preliminary Budget Analysis
  • Progress Meetings
  • Review of Design Documents
  • Cost Control
  • Value Engineering Studies
  • Design Phase Change Report
  • Coordination of Approvals by Regulatory Agencies
  • Financing Packages Preparation
  • Reporting

Phase II

Contractor(s) Bidding and Awarding Phase
  • Bidders Interest Campaign
  • Notices and Advertisements
  • Delivery of Bid Documents
  • Pre-Bid Conference
  • Information to Bidders
  • Addenda
  • Bid Opening and Recommendations
  • Bid Analysis
  • Construction Contracts

Phase III

Construction and Close-out Phase

Custom provides an experienced qualified personnel to coordinate and monitor the daily construction activities, procurement procedures, quality controls, scheduling and personnel performance. Our comprehensive reporting structure renders the Owner daily reports, inspection documents and certifications related to the contracted construction project, while providing our clients with a centralized office for all administrative procedures.

  • The tasks performed by our Construction Managers (CM) ensure the due progress and proper execution of the project in terms of the Contract Documents, Design Specifications and Owner’s requirements.
  • Custom’s ongoing Monitoring & Controlling Processes allows us to efficiently identify any potential deviation from the Project Management Plan, including changes in scope, time, quality and/or costs, and report our recommendations to our Customer for immediate implementation.
  • Technology – Custom’s provide access to our online Collaboration Tools that allows an active and visual participation of multiple Stakeholders during project execution.

Custom: Essential Partner in Disaster Recovery and Response

Custom is an essential partner in disaster management and recovery response, providing ample experience and expertise on full display across the complete range of federal funding sources, including FEMA, CDBG-DR, CDBG-MIT and more.

Led by experts, our teams can assist with program and project management, inspections, construction management and services, and real estate development & management.

We serve both governmental and private sector entities, providing rapid response and recovery to maximize community resilience and results. Custom is currently engaged in large scale recovery programs and projects.

Custom is highly capable of managing all aspects of disaster response, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience working with federal government agencies.

Planning, Processes & Protocols

Custom has created for all key processes highly structured Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during the Pre-construction Stage to ensure Program compliance through all its stages. Such SOPs may be based on the PMI guidelines include, and are not limited to the following areas and processes:

  • Contract Administration
  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Schedule Control
  • Change Control
  • Document Control
  • Construction Claims
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Wage Compliance
  • Safety Compliance

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