Our history starts in 1984, Ramón C. de León had a mission… to provide his customers meaningful professional relationships that foster strong communications and integrity. Also commitment and high-quality standards to guarantee an engineered product that meets all of their needs and expectations.

After all these years his values and standards are still at the Core of Custom Group, values and standards. Those are only achieved through strong leadership, proven experience and dedication.

Custom’s ability to address changing conditions and demands, also finds and serves diverse markets, and expand its services. All of this has resulted in the company becoming leaders in the industry. From the early days of serving a “niche” market for custom luxury residences, Custom Group has become a full engineering firm. Therefore it provides project management and construction services that caters to the commercial and industrial markets in Puerto Rico and Florida.

Our management team continues to evolve, always searching for new innovative ways to fulfill our client’s dreams. Our formula for success is simple: create new opportunities by streamlining operations. This includes pursuing the “best practices” in the industry and creating value-added services to our investors and clients. Always with our Founder’s core values at the center.

In 2011, Custom Group achieved full vertical integration by formally incorporating the three provided services that complements the essence of a true engineering firm. Custom’s unique organizational structure allows our Client’s to receive value-added service through specialized tools, resources and a shared-knowledge database that guarantees a successful delivery of all their projects.

Even though Custom Group has evolved over the years, our promise to deliver the best quality of service reigns since 1984. As we continue to invest in leading-edge technology, updating and refining processes, to adapt to the needs of a changing world and new challenges on the horizon.

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Custom Group is a leader in providing value-added construction services by creating successful partnerships with them throughout the construction process. Our commitment is to provide cost-efficient services that complements our clients operations by providing the necessary tools, also resources and knowledge that will guarantee an on-time/on-budget/on-quality delivery of their projects to produce concentration on their core business and accelerate their return on investment.