#1 Full Vertical Integration & Trust

Custom Group has over 34 years of experience as successful developers, general contractors and construction managers; thus, being capable of protecting our client’s interests by fully understanding the involved parties’ perspectives and possible conflicting interests before any risk mitigation project deployment.

#2 Access to Top Management

Customer shall always have direct access to top management; Custom Group guarantees that its personnel have the proper level of knowledge of the client’s project at all times.

#3 Flexibility, Human Factor and Competitive Prices

Custom Group has the ability to fully adapt to our Client’s needs by offering the amount of resources per the proposed project scope at competitive prices below the competition.

#4 Personnel Training, Technology and Certifications

People, technology and processes are the three key areas necessary to deliver a high quality service. Custom Group offers award winning comprehensive professional development programs, hire the best talent in the industry, and provide the latest tools and resources for product delivery.

#5 Quality of Service

Custom Group strives to provide the best quality of service by utilizing our streamlined process that fully adapts to our Customer’s needs, always considering the best accepted practices as recognized by the Project Management Institute.