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As per our outstanding performance on deliverance and management of federal funded projects, Custom Group has also been qualified to participate as a team member in the Non-Federal Match Program for the infrastructure recovery of Puerto Rico. Our mindset is to approach the needs of communities across the island with the main goal of being in complete compliance with HUD requirements and regulations and all the procedures to exceed on the development and implementation of these projects. In this Program, CDBG-DR funds are used to match the required non-federal cost share match portion of FEMA-eligible project worksheets (PWs). Additionally, the projects must implement a CDBG-eligible activity and meet a HUD national objective: Benefit to Low- and Moderate-Income Persons (LMI), Aid in the Elimination of Slums or Blight (SB) or Urgent Need (UN). Our commitment is to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, to include Davis-Bacon, Section 3, Section 504, procurement, environmental review and all other CDBG-DR, cross-cutting, applicable local statutes, rules, and regulations.

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